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Aberfeldy Lower Birks Community Conservation and Enhancement Project

Organisation: Take a Pride In Perthshire Association

This project aims to conserve and manage the natural environment of the Lower Birks for nature and people as well as providing a new amenity for everyone to enjoy and to enhance the visitor numbers in Aberfeldy.

The project will take place in the Lower Birks, Aberfeldy. In the woodland incoming light has been reduced by unchecked growth and this, combined with poor drainage, means the area has become increasingly damp and muddy. Improvements to the drainage, landscaping, provision of new amenities and ongoing management will transform this well-loved public space into useful town facility for everyone to enjoy. It will also provide enhanced connectivity within the town.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £74,341.00

LEADER Grant: £8,841.00

Artisan Food Hub

Loch Leven’s Larder

The artisan food hub is part of a whole business strategy to further enhance and extend the destination of Loch Leven’s Larder. The centre piece of the project is the creation of a “glass box” bakery and interactive tasting room which will encapsulate the ethos of Loch Leven’s Larder. This will create a visual theatre of the food creation and a space of engagement where visitors can embrace the authenticity of the product.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £80,000

LEADER Grant: £ 40,000

Atholl Centre Conference Facilities

Organisation: Atholl Baptist Centre Ltd.

The project has built a fully accessible conference room with AV and deaf loop, ensuring equality of access for all. The new conference room offers a combination of beneficial aspects not available anywhere else in Pitlochry enhancing access to community meetings and clubs.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £137,443

LEADER Grant: £30,000

A Long Walk for Knowledge

Innerpeffray Mortification

The project aims to widen access to all aspects of Innerpeffray’s the heritage  for both local people and visitors to the area. This will be done by adding a nature and heritage  walk in a piece of under-used woodland between the Library and the River Earn,  upgrading the schoolroom building to provide better facilities for learning, business use such as small conferences and away days, and providing comprehensive heritage  interpretation through signage, digital and printed formats.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £181,921

LEADER Grant: £ 65,000

Auchterarder Paths Network – Provost Walk

Organisation: Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust

The project aims to deliver a major upgrade to the Auchterarder cross-town path known as Provost Walk to make it a multi-user path suitable for walkers, wheelchairs, motorised wheelchairs, buggies and cyclists.

The project will encourage active travel throughout the area by providing a safe, off-road route that enables residents to get across town without having to use the busy High Street but still being able to access it using spur paths that link the Provost Walk to the High Street. It links to other current community plans including the upgrade to Jubilee Park to which the Provost Walk links, improving paths through new housing developments that are currently being built and linking to a proposed employment area in the east of the town. In the longer-term, the project will be integrated into a circular path around Auchterarder and into a national, long-distance walking/cycling path PKCT and Perth & Kinross Council are working to establish between Lochearnhead and Newburgh.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £425,500.00

LEADER Grant: £50,000.00

Birken Tree

Organisation: Birken Tree

Birken Tree is a Perth and Kinross based enterprise that utilises under-managed Birch woodland to produce a range of natural products – Birchwater, Birch Leaf Tea, Birch Leaf Oil, flavoured Birchwater, sparkling Birchwater, Birch vinegar, Chaga tincture, charcoal, firewood and other wood products. Funding from LEADER helped the organisation to establish a woodland base and expand their operations helping to make the business sustainable.


Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £27,781.58

LEADER Grant:  £16,668.74

Birnam Arts

Organisation: Birnam Arts

This project will refurbish our reception and reinstitute the building’s original Victorian entrance, greatly enhancing the physical capacity, attractiveness, energy efficiency and commercial resilience of the organisation.

This work is the foundation stone of a longer-term local strategy to build Birnam & Dunkeld as a tourist destination, with Birnam Arts as the hub for three new festivals – Birnam Book Festival, Beatrix Potter Gala Weekend, and Macbeth in Birnam.


Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £50,449.37

LEADER Grant: £22,000

Hill Kirk Renovation 

Organisation: Blairgowrie Players 

The Blairgowrie Players plan to renovate and modernise the Hill Kirk. The building is the home of The Players and is presently used as rehearsal space, meeting room, set construction space, and storage for costumes, props and sets. It is in use most evenings by club members.

 Although repairs have been done over the years, the building now requires significant work to keep it structurally secure and improve access. Internal upgrade would enable other community groups to make use of the space for a variety of activities such as drama, dance, music, storytelling or exercise.

Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £90,711.32

LEADER Grant: £45,355.67

Blue Skies

Organisation: Hilton Estates

This project includes the development and modernisation of the existing facilities at Balado Airfield, to provide a small outdoor event space for up to 100 people, three additional hangars, together capable of housing up to 15 small aircraft, taxiway improvements and the redevelopment of the control tower building to fit new toilets and showers, permitting overnight stays and offering refreshment facilities to pilots and visitors.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £314,500

LEADER Grant: £74,000

Can Do Crieff Co-working Space

Organisation: Crieff Community Trust

The vision of the Crieff Co-working space is to stimulate enterprise and jobs by creating a supportive centre for new ideas to flourish and for people to have a town centre base from which to do business. There will be bookable office and workshop space, co-working space and hot-desking. Mutual support and encouragement will be embedded into the ethos. The hub will support, enable and bring together a diverse range of entrepreneurs in the community, from freelancers and itinerant workers, to small businesses and community organisations.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £27,916

LEADER Grant: £13,958

Cardney Estate Events Venue

Cardney Sporting & Farming Estate Ltd

The project involves the conversion of traditional farm buildings in to a mixed-use events venue. The main body of the work will be changing the internal layout of the buildings and creating new access points and links, toilets and bar area along with internal and external seating areas, external landscaping and paving. The aim is to create a unique events venue which offers those hiring it to create a bespoke event.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £167,805

LEADER Grant: £ 50,000

Cateran’s Common Wealth

Organisation: Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust

The project aims to promote a greater knowledge and understanding of the importance of the common wealth in future sustainability, whilst enabling local people to develop new skills through a diverse range of arts and cultural practices.

It is an ambitious new initiative that will build on the significant arts, crafts, culture and heritage assets of rural Eastern Perthshire. It will use the Cateran Trail, a fully waymarked walk of 64 miles (103 km) that lies at the heart of Scotland, as a stage for a multi-year programme of diverse arts and heritage activities aimed at: encouraging greater stewardship of the area’s common wealth for the benefit of future generations and igniting a fresh interest and understanding the role of arts, cultural and heritage practices in the social, economic and environmental sustainability of Scotland’s rural communities.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £159,892

LEADER Grant: £41,761

Cateran Ecomuseum

Organisation: The Cateran Ecomuseum

The Cateran Ecomuseum is a museum without walls. It is an ambitious new initiative for Eastern Perthshire and Western Angus designed to reveal the hidden heritage of this captivating part of Perthshire and Angus by the community who live there, the Cateran Ecomuseum tells the story of its people, places and landscapes.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £63,450

LEADER Grant: £51,450 (cooperation project between Rural Perth & Kinross and Angus LEADER).

CDT Cultybraggan Camp Development Project

Organisation: Comrie Development Trust

The project aims to deliver a fully functioning self-catering development and Heritage Activity Plan. Work will include repairing and renovating 11 B listed Nissen huts to become self-catering accommodation, and developing an exciting events programme, with heritage work focusing on increasing knowledge of the camp.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £ 93,770.00

LEADER Grant: £43,396.00

Clootie McToot Dumplings

Organisation: MADD Stoves & Clootie McToot Dumplings

This project is developing commercial viewing kitchens to the rear of the existing building where the Clootie McToot Dumpling shop resides. The commercial kitchens will be viewable for the general public and offer a unique visitor attraction. The only Clootie Dumpling shop with viewing kitchens in the UK! This project will enable the business to expand productivity and allow people to see the process of creating traditional Clootie Dumplings.


Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £41,355.00

LEADER Grant: £20,677.50

Coupar Angus Cycling Hub

Organisation: Forward Coupar Angus

The project aims to develop a sustainable cycling based operation in Coupar Angus which will deliver income and employment opportunities to the town.

It will develop a sustainable social enterprise built upon a range of cycling initiatives operating in Coupar Angus. The enterprise will offer employment, training, tourism opportunities, alternative transport methodologies and community social and recreational activities to Coupar Angus and the wider Eastern Perthshire population. There are also plans to upgrade the current cycle workshop to incorporate a showroom and space to train more cycle mechanics.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £50,000.00

LEADER Grant: £20,000.00

Coupar Burn Community Biodiversity Project

Organisation: Take a Pride In Perthshire Association

The purpose of the project is to provide balanced management to enhance the area for nature conservation and biodiversity, provide a new amenity for residents and to help reduce the risk of flooding.The burn will be transformed into a wonderful haven for wildlife and resource for the community rather than looking over grown and becoming a dumping ground. Paths will also be created and seating installed along with information panels about wildlife, biodiversity and history. The project will give young people the opportunity to participate, learn new skills and increase their chances for employment.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £29,273

LEADER Grant: £7,000

Crieff Food Company

Organisation: Crieff Food Company Ltd.

The project aims to develop a destination food retail / cafe experience in the centre of Crieff.

This will involve the development of the two main floors of an empty high street building into a food store that specialises in and promotes local produce. The business will partner with local suppliers / businesses ensuring that the ethos of quality locally sourcing is at the heart of the project.

There will also be the construction of a production kitchen that will produce a wide range of Crieff Food Co homemade pies, soups, salads, ready meals, home baking, jams, preserves and chutneys, with produce sourced as locally as possible. An onsite café will have a menu focused exclusively on produce from the shop, it is also planned that the café space will be utilised for cookery / produce demonstrations, talks on food, local supply chain and healthy eating as well as exhibitions.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £60,312.00

LEADER Grant: £30,000.00

Digital Maker_Space

Organisation: Culture Perth & Kinross Limited

Culture Perth and Kinross will to develop a network of digital technology hubs within key rural library locations which make cutting edge creative digital technologies more accessible across rural Perthshire. A Maker_Space provides free access to the latest hi-spec creative technologies, and offers users a collaborative working space to explore the potential of how technology can be utilised to develop business capacity and creative practice. Maker_Spaces also enable a wide range of users to share, learn, explore, make and innovate digitally.Open to all, the creative technology on offer will include a 3D printer, 3D scanning software and the full Adobe Creative Cloud software including Photoshop & Lightroom for photo editing, Illustrator & InDesign for design, print & digital publishing, as well as packages for website design, animation, film making and app design.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £108,000

LEADER Grant: £54,000

Dunkeld Guide Hall Renewal Project

Organisation: Dunkeld and Birnam Friends of Guiding with Girlguiding Perth & Kinross

This project was needed in order to improve the hall facilitiesto ensure that the hall will meets the needs of the groups in the 21st century for another 80 years. The project includes extension of the building to make the hall a building which is accessible to all.  Creating a larger kitchen, increased toilet space, two large integrated store rooms, and an entrance foyer with space for hanging coats, storing outdoor shoes and pushchairs. Renovation works are also planned within the existing building to make all the infrastructure within the main hall space fit for purpose. Equipping the Hall for the 21st century also includes the installation of audio visual equipment, induction loop,  laptops and internet connection designed to meet the needs of both the Girlguiding groups and the Playgroup which operates from the hall.

Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £183,402.70

LEADER Grant: £98,225.49

Eastwood Workshop

Organisation: Eastwood Events

This project will refurbish a currently unused workshop with the grounds of Eastwood House to create a flexible multi-use space. This new space will enable more activities to be provide for guests staying at the house as well as being available to be hired for art workshops and yoga classes.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £35,500

LEADER Grant: £15,000

Elder Voice

Organisation: Elder Voice

This project is a volunteer-led Befriending/Neighbourhood Link and Patient Transport service to address the needs of the ageing population in Blairgowrie and Rattray and address isolation and loneliness and help people live longer in their own homes.Befrienders will be matched with a client of similar interests and the befriender will meet regularly and can provide simple things such as having a cuppa and a blether, taking out for a drive in the country, shopping trips as well as building up confidence and trust.   


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £60,515

LEADER Grant: £21,331

Enterprising Rural Perthshire

Organisation: Enterprising Eastern Perthshire Ltd (GrowBiz)

The ‘Enterprising Rural Perthshire’ programme provides support to anyone who is considering becoming self-employed, or starting (or growing) a small business or social enterprise. Services are free and confidential, and include 1-1 meetings, peer support, learning sessions, mentoring, training and networking opportunities. Growbiz also works with the rural secondary schools to provide enterprise awareness and engagement with local businesses.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £482,419

LEADER Grant: £320,419

Glendoick Play

Organisation: Glendoick Garden Centre

This project created an outdoor play park with the design particularly focused on young people with disabilities in order to make the facilities accessible to all. As well as housing traditional climbing and swinging structures, particular attention was paid to access, layout, ground surface and sensory zones which are especially important for children with additional needs

The project worked with charities specialising in play for disabled children, to create a haven that allows freedom and inclusion, while developing important life skills for young people. In addition, Glendoick staff undertook training to help them understand the challenges that children with additional needs face allowing them to communicate better with the young people and their carers


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £61,640.00

LEADER Grant: £30,000.00

Greengairs Eco Retreats

Organisation: Greengairs Farm

This project will build two very high-quality Eco bothies which will be fully equipped including bedrooms, kitchen facilities, lounge, bathrooms and external communal areas. They will be sustainably built focussing on locally sourced materials, increased insulation values, designed with thorough consideration to aspect and orientation. The project aims to provide a high-quality environment for guests to disconnect from the hustle of urban life and reconnect with the rural outdoors of Perthshire. Enhancing access into the glens and trails of rural Perthshire will increase tourism which will help sustain the local community. The addition of accommodation will allow the applicant to offer full accommodation and treatment packages to new stroke rehabilitation clients promoting equality and sharing which is innovative to this area. 


Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £91,000

LEADER Grant: £45,500

Greenhill Farm Respite Retreat

Organisation: Greenhill Farm

Greenhill Farm will create a respite retreat in the picturesque Dunning Glen, giving visitors the opportunity to escape the everyday constraints of a normal week, allowing them to switch off from distractions, and reconnect with each other through engaging with activities, which will stimulate learning and relaxation. The project will include the renovation of a disused bothy and the purchase of Shepard’s Huts as accommodation options, visitors will also be able to take part in farm tours and lambing experiences during the spring.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £60,011

LEADER Grant: £33,000

Loch Tay Safaris

Organisation: Highland Adventure Safaris LTD

A custom-built twelve seater boat allows visitors to discover and explore the magical stretch of Scottish water, Loch Tay. Loch Tay Safaris provide a unique cruise exploring the history, heritage and folklore of Perthshire’s largest loch.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £149,400

LEADER Grant: £74,000

Highland Swing

Organisation: Highland Fling Bungee LTD

Highland Fling plans to design and install a Highland Swing. Highland Fling Bungee is the only permanent bridge bungee jump in the UK attracting 4000 visitors per year and employing approx. 20 people. The proposed swing will be a 40 metre rope swing under the Garry Bridge which will be open for thrill seeker over the age of 10, the swing will be the first of its kind in the UK.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £25,244.88

LEADER Grant: £5,000

Home-start Rural Volunteer Support

Organisation: Home-start Perth

The project aims support families with children under five, living in rural areas, referred due to increased vulnerability. Support is tailored to the needs of the family, delivered in their own home by a trained parent volunteer and monitored by an experienced coordinator. Home-start volunteers work with parents to help them build a better environment for children. This is about parenting skills and self-esteem and empowering parents to become involved with their child’s development. Families will increase in confidence allowing parents to better engage with the wider community and children will be more resilient and their development enhanced by greater parental capacity.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £120,030

LEADER Grant: £59,925

Kettins Parish Hall – Phase 1

Organisation: Kettins Parish Hall

Kettins Parish Hall has exciting plans to create a new community facility which will have a Main Hall, storage, meeting room, kitchen, changing rooms for the Hall and the sports pitch, car parking and environmental improvements. The project will be split into two phases and LEADER is providing support for phase one will primarily consist of a multi-purpose space which will be available for the general community and two changing rooms with showers for playing field users.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £259,275

LEADER Grant: £75,000

KHS Build-a-Plane

Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust

The Kinross High School (KHS) Build-a-plane project will introduce pupils to the fundamentals of aircraft design, engineering and the physics of flight. A kit plane will be purchased and assembled by pupils with close supervision by ASK under the auspices of the Light Aircraft Association.

It is expected that the aircraft will be ready to fly in the spring of 2018 and at that time pupils from KHS and the surrounding area will be given free air experience flights. ASK will facilitate flying scholarships from the likes of the Air League for any young person interested to learn flying skills.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £85,000

LEADER Grant: £35,000

Kinross Farmers Market

Organisation: KLEO (Kinross-shire Local Events Organisation)

The project aims to run a monthly farmers’ market from April – November. In 2017 and 2018 KLEO will organise eight monthly Farmers’ Markets a year from April to November, with the last being part of the bigger annual Festive Street Market. The project will also celebrate and promote local food throughout the year, creating a vibrant atmosphere attracting visitors to Kinross. The markets will take place on the 4th Saturday of the month with plenty of opportunity for everyone to get involved.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £16,061.40

LEADER Grant: £8,030.70

Loch Earn Railway Path (LERP)

Organisation: St Fillans Community Trust Ltd

The Loch Earn Railway Path (LERP) is a community-led project that aims to bring new life to the area’s cultural heritage and increase tourism by developing a path along the dismantled railway track-bed, linking with established tourism routes. By extending the local path network and linking into amenities, the functionality of the path network will be increased- encouraging more people to use it.

The project will enhance the existing features of the railway line tunnel through a collaborative community arts project and provide a scenic viewing-pane of Loch Earn from the railway line through selective tree felling.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £320,257.09

LEADER Grant: £60,000.00

Loch Leven Microbrewery

Organisation: The Kinross Brewery Limited

The project will involve the refurbishment and extension of existing premises to make it fit for purpose. The microbrewery will be equipped with a four barrel brewing plant, with the view to brew four different beers and two ciders for direct sale to the public and to local hostelries. In due course, the intension is to possibly add micro distillery equipment in order to distil alcohol for the production of spirits such as gin, vodka and rum.

In addition to the brewing facilities, there are plans for a retail area where tastings of the beers and ciders can take place, as well as brewing courses being made available for members of the public.


Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £106,000

LEADER Grant: £33,360

Luxury ‘Treehouse’ Self-Catering, Glenshee

Dalnoid Holiday Cottages

Dalnoid Holiday Cottages were awarded funding to create high quality, quirky ‘Treehouse’ accommodation, built to a high environmental and sustainable standard using quality materials. This luxury Treehouse style accommodation will fill a significant gap in tourism accommodation for this part of Scotland and allow the business to grow.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £141,346.66

LEADER Grant: £30,000.00

Madoch Centre – Seating for Meeting

Organisation: St Madoes and Kinfauns Parish Church

The Madoch Centre will provide a community hub, within St Madoes, in the Carse of Gowrie. This Madoch Centre Seating Project is the final phase of creating facilities that will meet a range of needs. Seating for a range of ages, various groups and for those who have problems with mobility will enhance the use and purposes of the Centre.

The project will purchase different types of seating to fit with the different areas of the new centre depending on what activities will be carried out in that area, Seating with arms for elderly people with mobility problems, high bar stools for younger people making use of WiFi, settees beside USB points to allow access to technology, settees and tub chairs next to play areas for parents of young children, seating cubes for youth activities.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £20,456.66

LEADER Grant: £10,000

Making Rural Business Digital

Organisation: Growbiz Scotland

This project will build on the success of the LEADER-funded Enterprising Rural Perthshire (ERP) programme delivered by GrowBiz between October 2016 and December 2018. The Digital Business programme will continue providing the support rural enterprises need to sustain and grow, with a focus on the creation of ‘smart villages’, digital routes to market, co-working spaces (enterprise ‘hotspots’), and digital upskilling. A key element of the project will be the development of the Smart Village concept  incorporating a proof of concept platform for artisan businesses. Smart Villages are digital communities which incorporate local information, directories and signposting with e-commerce facilities for local businesses.


Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £438,570

LEADER Grant: £174,213

March into Pitlochry 

Organisation: March into Pitlochry

The March into Pitlochry event was established in 2016 as an annual music festival to be held in Pitlochry in March. It takes place over 3 days and hosts approximately 25 live acts across a variety of venues in the town. This project will enable the event to be held at a larger scale, with more acts taking part, this increase in size will boost numbers at the event and allow more economic factors to be attached to the event such as concurrent food & drinks festival. Therefore making the event more sustainable and will lead to increased visitor numbers for the area at this usually quiet time of year.


Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £15,000

LEADER Grant: £7,500

Mental Wellbeing Improvement in Rural Perth and Kinross

Organisation: Mindspace Limited

The project aims to remove psychological barriers to social and economic participation by providing local access to community-based person-centred mental wellbeing services.

This project will focus on enabling individuals, particularly young people to develop the confidence to lead or contribute to the development of their rural communities. It will re-establish partnership arrangements with local GPs, hospitals, youth services, schools, employability and other agencies. As well as providing one to one meetings and support in the local area.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £26,394

LEADER Grant: £13,197

No Boundaries

Organisation: NEON (North East of North) Ltd

No Boundaries is a programme of arts and cultural activities and events, led by contemporary artists from Tayside, which is being developed to draw attention to the emergence of The Cateran Ecomuseum and help launch its pilot phase. 

The programme will transform sites in up to four locations in Eastern Perthshire and Western Angus, into places where local history and heritage can be seen and experienced. 

This transformation will be achieved by bringing together 60 young people from across Eastern Perthshire and Western Angus aged 10 – 25 with seasoned professionals from Tayside’s arts communityto create innovative outdoor digital and sonic arts, land art and poetry experiences.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost:£109,800

LEADER Grant: £69,050

North Kilduff Equestrian Centre – Cafe & Changing Facilities 

Organisation: Thom Bell

The project involves the building of a changing facility with toilets and washrooms, a café and viewing area. The development will consist of a steel framed building located in the corner of an existing indoor riding arena.The viewing area would allow for demonstrations of what is being discussed, and the overall knowledge transfer process would be greatly enhanced to the benefit of the younger and less able participants especially.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £97,500

LEADER Grant: £30,000

Rannoch Community Trust – Community Project Officer

Organisation: Rannoch Community Trust

This project will employ a Development Officer whose role it will be to establish the Rannoch Community Trust (RCT) as a strong anchor organisation for the community and community groups offering a shared service resource to support both small project funding and volunteer capacity building. As well as continuing to strengthen relationships with key partners and stakeholders.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £24,000

LEADER Grant: £12,000

Rannoch eBike Hire

Organisation: Rannoch Country Store

Rannoch eBike Hires will meet local and tourist demand by hiring out eBikes in the Rannoch and Tummel Valley area. The area is of outstanding natural beauty, with quiet roads and paths, providing accessible and environmentally friendly tourism. It would also encourage the local community to go cycling irrespective of their abilities, offering exercise to people who generally live a sedentary lifestyle. The new project will offer locals and tourists the opportunity to explore the stunning countryside on an electric assisted bike on a variety of routes, both paths and quiet public roads. Rannoch eBike Hire propose to offer fully guided tours in addition to bike rental.

Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £11,429

LEADER Grant: £8,000

Remake Community Reuse & Repair

Organisation: Remake Scotland

Remake is a growing community reuse charity and social enterprise with a scrapstore based around diverting dry, safe, clean surplus goods away from landfill. They provide local, rural employment opportunities and a welcoming social hub for individuals and groups of all backgrounds. This reuse, repair and enterprise project aims to extend visibility and increase donations by trialling Pop Up Scrapstores/Donation Points in rural Perth and Kinross, and developing a waste/surplus materials audit and Business Surplus Recruitment Programme to enable business to improve their waste management and to increase and identify reuse of unwanted/surplus materials.


Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £57,337

LEADER Grant: £28,500

RSPB Loch Leven All-Access Underpass Design Phase

Organisation: RSPB Scotland

The overall project aim is to build a new accessible underpass structure under the B9097, this initial project enabled the commissioning of a comprehensive design study to establish budget and planning. This project forms the first phase in the final step toward RSPB Loch Leven becoming an all access nature reserve. With two wheelchair accessible paths on either side of the B9097 and a wheelchair accessible shop, café, visitor centre and education space, the current underpass is the only barrier preventing wheelchair users from accessing the full range of visitor infrastructure.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £17,550

LEADER Grant: £8,755

Rural Community-Led Care & Support

This project will build the capacity of The Care and Wellbeing Co-operative to offer a community-led approach to the provision of care, support and wellbeing in rural areas. As demand for services continues to escalate and outstrip supply of carers, the Co-op aims to increase in scale, diversity of services and geographical coverage. The ultimate aim is to provide a sustainable, community-led and locally-delivered care and wellbeing infrastructure, working effectively with all the statutory bodies to provide a holistic and customer-focused service within rural Perthshire.

Rural Perthshire Autism Outreach Services

Perth Autism Support

Perth Autism support children and young people up to the age of 18 who have a diagnosis of autism, who are awaiting assessment for autism or have a diagnosed sensory processing disorder or social communication difficulty. This project is will support the expansion of their rural services, concentrating on delivering full family services to children and young people and their families who are on the autism spectrum. This would mean an expansion of services to include intensive family support, training programmes, Young Adult/transition services and a holiday programme in each area of rural Perthshire.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £224,312.32

LEADER Grant: £ 142,312.32

Rural Youth Cooperation Project

Organisation: The Rural Youth Project

This is a cooperation project jointly funded by 5 Local Action Group areas; Angus, Lanarkshire, Outer Hebrides, Scottish Borders and Rural Perth & Kinross. 

The Rural Youth Project is a movement for positive change to empower young people (18 to 28 years of age), through developing their leadership, business and enterprise skills, whilst encouraging positive activism to help to play their part in making rural places attractive and viable for young people to build their lives and their futures.


Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £191,170

LEADER Grant: £191,170

Rural Youth Ideas Festival

Jane Craigie Marketing

The Rural Youth Project aims to better understand the current situation, aspirations, opportunities and challenges amongst rural young people. Its target is 18 to 28-year olds living in or working in rural places throughout Scotland. The aim of the project is to develop an action plan for Scotland’s rural youth based on a comprehensive understanding of their needs and aspirations. LEADER funds are to organise and host a two day, three night residential Rural Youth Ideas Festival, the festival aims to engage young people who will enact change in their rural communities. The festival will provide young people with the opportunity to network and engage with businesses and industry representatives, giving them confidence and motivation within their own rural communities.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £ 73,814.27

LEADER Grant: £ 73,814.27

Scotland’s Crannog Heritage: Celebrating 20 Years of Living History by the Loch

Organisation: The Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology

The project is a celebration of the Scottish Crannog Centre’s 20th anniversary, promoting Scotland’s prehistory and the archaeology on which it is based with a hands-on, living history approach. The signature event will feature re-enactors & craftworkers including bronze sword-making; iron furnace building & production; ancient pot-making & firing; hide tanning; wood & leather crafts; basketry; and textiles with spinning, weaving and dyeing.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £41,010.05

LEADER Grant: £20,505.02

The Scottish Tea Factory

The Scottish Tea Factory

The project has set up a small-scale tea production facility and hopes to create a centre of excellence for Scotland that can offer training to small scale tea growers in Scotland and Europe. The centre will run tea tastings/tea education courses, tours and tourist events.  The project will also work to engage the local community by offering tea plants and growing instructions to plant a small amount of tea in their own gardens and local schools


Funding Package

Total Project Cost:  £44,309.42

LEADER Grant: £25,560.78

Restructuring, upskilling and asset growth of Strathmore Centre for Youth Development-SCYD

Organisation: Strathmore Centre for Youth Development (SCYD)

The project will allow the appointment of an enlightened Services Coordinator in order to develop the infrastructure, facilitate further growth and fundamentally change the level, scope, and direction of the Strathmore Youth Alliance (SYA) including its capacity to support young people to lead and contribute to the economic and community development of their localities. This formal Partnership development is imperative in developing a sustainable and progressive youth work service with the capacity to compete for commissioned contracts.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £67,200.00

LEADER Grant: £33,600.00

St. Fillans Playpark

Organisation: St. Fillans Community Trust

The aims and objectives of the project are to provide children’s play and adventure facilities within the village, where none exist at present. This is especially important since the village school was closed 10 years ago, against the wishes of the local population. Merging into the beautiful landscape, the Play Park will have all the desired ‘health and well-being’ goals of a traditional play area plus create a unique family bonding opportunity too. The play features draw heavily upon local and Scottish history, mythology, the Scots language, conservation and a group of Scottish Beasties characters to create different ‘layers’ of activities including Rune hunts, tracking, observation tests and ecology.

Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £148,642.25

LEADER Grant: £60,000

Strathearn Cheese Company

Organisation: Strathearn Cheese Company

Strathearn Cheese is a small independent business operating out of Cultybraggan in Comrie, producing cheese using local ingredients. The business was at a stage where it could no longer grow due to restrictions caused by the limited washing facilities at the unit. The LEADER grant has enabled the company to purchase a commercial dishwasher, allowing more cheese to be produced and the business to explore further waysto grow.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £7,739.82

LEADER Grant: £4,039.82

Srathearn Cider Company

Organisation: Strathearn Cider Company

The project will provide an opportunity to utilise local apples which currently do not have a use. It will involve the construction of a cider shed to allow the production of high quality cider, and this summer will see the launch of its new “Scruffy Dog Cider” brand”.

The new cider range, which includes medium dry and medium sweet bottlings, has been made using apples from Perthshire, including from Comrie Community Orchard at Cultybraggen, as well as apples from Herefordshire.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £65,000.00

LEADER Grant: £32,500.00

Scruffy Dog Cider

Strathgarry Chalets

Organisation: A.Scrimgeour and Son

The project will involve the construction of four log cabins and the creation of a cycle route and footpath linking two existing paths. A weekly farm show will be offered to all visitors, including demonstrations of various agricultural techniques and machinery, alongside information displays showcasing local livestock species and the chance to get hands on with some of the animals.

It will highlight the wealth of high quality produce available locally through welcome booklets provided in the chalets as well as emphasising the wide range of outdoor activities available in the area.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £165,000

LEADER Grant: £30,000

Sustainable development for 2020

Heather Hills farm

Heather Hills Farm has been producing local honey in Perthshire for over 60 years, this project involves the purchase of 120 packages of bees which will enable additional pollination of the crops belonging to partnering farms. The applicant will also purchase new machinery to make the extraction of honey more efficient.

Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £60,000

LEADER Grant: £ 30,000

Tea Gardens of Scotland

Organisation: Artisan Tea Gardens Ltd.

This is a pre-commercialisation project to grow seedling tea in Scotland, process it and bring it to market. The project is working for the first time ever in Scotland with seedling tea, and will research cold tolerant varietals suited to the Scottish climate.

The Tea Gardens of Scotland is made up of a diverse group of people who each have their own favourite tea, however they all have one thing in common, a passion for high-quality tea!

This project is about trying to get the very best out of their tea bushes and ensure their longevity. Scotland is the northern most country that tea is being grown in on the planet, so the growers have had to take an innovative approach. They plan to process their teas individually at each different garden with great care on an extremely small-scale. To create a truly unique tea it is vital to work with the green leaf and to find the best processing methods to work with our terroir. Learning about different teas is a major part of the strategy.


Funding package

Total project cost: £155,504.35

LEADER Grant: £77,752.18

The Birks Cinema Trust – Our First Community Programme

Organisation: The Birks Cinema Trust

The project aims to advance understanding in, and enjoyment of, the arts, heritage and culture in Highland Perthshire by offering a variety of community activities which involve all groups, especially those at risk of social exclusion.

The programme emphasises the building of capabilities – within the volunteer team, and within the session participants, developing leadership and self-reliance regarding funding. Also, the Programme provides locally an opportunity to develop an understanding of history, heritage and culture of Highland Perthshire, and an appreciation of the place of local and national heritage within the world.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £61,520

LEADER Grant: £30,760

The Birks Cinema Trust – Strengthening our Marketing Capability

Organisation: The Birks Cinema Trust

The project will develop the current marketing capacity within The Birks Cinema Trust by contracting a part-time Marketing Executive to develop new systems, documentation, and processes in six key marketing arenas, and provide classroom and on-the-job training to Birks Cinema management, staff, and volunteers.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £42,000

LEADER Grant: £19,375

The Madoch Centre

Organisation: St Madoes and Kinfauns Parish Church

The project has provided a community hub, within St Madoes, in the Carse of Gowrie, this involved the construction of a purpose-built centre. The new facilities are acting as a focal point to facilitate community development in a variety of areas including; sport, gardening, and sustainable transport. The project hopes that the new centre will help to combat social isolation amongst the elderly, young people, those with disabilities, & those with young children by providing a hub which is accessible to all, which can act as a drop-in facility, as well as hosting planned events and activities.


Tickled Trout Cafe & Community Workshop

Organisation: College Mill Trout Farm

This project aims to renovate a historic Beetling Mill situated on the farm to accommodate the Tickled Trout Café and Community Workshop. This will enhance and complement the existing farm business whilst creating an exciting visitor attraction for school groups and local communities to learn and enjoy. Situated within the mill, the Tickled Trout Café  will be a truly unique setting with the lade flowing through the building along with display boards and photos explaining the workings of the farm, the history of the Beetling Mill and the local area, all of which will add to the visitor experience. The Community Workshop, will be situated above the café is a 100m2 space which will provide necessary classroom space for visiting school and community groups participating in the Farm Visit Scheme. The Workshop would also be utilized for craft courses and activities and be made available for hire by local community groups.

Funding Package

Total Project Costs: £161,446

LEADER Grant: £44,723

Wee Wild Sparks

Organisation: Wild Sparks Outdoor Play CIC

Wee Wild Sparks is an expansion to existing outdoor play and learning services provided by Wild Sparks Outdoor Play. It will include the delivery of a part time outdoor nursery and a programme of year round family activities and events. The project is focussed around the ethos and values of improving provision for local children and families and addressing early childcare and learning objectives, through a unique and innovative service that promotes values of environmental sustainability and nature connection. The project will contribute to community-based support and learning networks to share skills and resources by developing links with local family support services, initially with local Homestart group that supports vulnerable families with young children.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £43,818.56

LEADER Grant: £21,909.28

Workshop Aberfeldy – Barriers to Employment

Organisation: The Workshop Aberfeldy

The project’s main focus is to promote equality of opportunity for individuals facing additional barriers to employment. The Workshop Aberfeldy is a social enterprise that supports young people in Highland Perthshire into employment by offering training opportunities and business experience in a manufacturing business, it offers unique services locally, supporting people toward employment and employability whatever their background

The Workshop is a unique, innovative facility; its focus on practical manufacturing skills as a route to employability through gaining workplace skills and experience in a genuine business, it focus on young people and those with additional support needs, and has a unique range of business services.


Funding Package

Total Project Cost: £71,031

LEADER Grant: £31,531